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Chemical Name

3 - [3 - (4 '- bromo-biphenyl - 4) 1, 2, 3, 4 - tetralin - 1 - yl] - 4 - hydroxycoumarin.

Physical and chemical properties

Description: white or off-white powder

Melting point: 228 - 23 2 °C

Vapor pressure: ≤ 10-6 TOR

Stability: The stability of storage and use conditions. (Shelf life> two years)


Soluble in chloroform, slightly melted in acetone, benzene, ethanol, ethyl acetate, glycerin, polyethylene glycol is not Soluble in water and petroleum ether.


Bait placement: rats runaway side, rats hole mouth and places where rats or mice often appear.

Regular bait placing dosage: Place 3-4 piles per 12-20 square meters indoor (3-5 grams every pile).Place one pile every 5 meter around the garden (5-10 grams pile). Place 30-40 piles per 600 square feet (5 grams every pole).Placing full dose of the product once is enough. For the place where rats’ density is high and the consumption of bait is great, pace once more after one week.


1. The toxic agents, strict management needs. After running agents to prevent poultry, livestock enter, to avoid Beneficial organisms eaten. 
2. Wash hands immediately after handling agents and cleaning exposed skin. 
3. Dead rats and the remaining agents to be burned or buried into the ground. 
4. Should be taken when applying security measures; avoid contact with pregnant women and lactating women.


1. If wrongly must immediately seek medical treatment immediately on the poisoning of gastric lavage and injection of vitamin k 1 time detoxification. 
2. If contamination of skin or splashed into the eyes, with a large number of mobile or saline irrigation water, and medical treatment. 
3. If accidentally inhaled quickly from the scene to fresh air. To maintain airway patency, and medical care. 
4. Close observation of blood poisoning in workers with or without subcutaneous, oral bleeding, blood in the stool and other symptoms, regular inspection No abnormal test the original thrombin. 
5. This product is an effective antidote for the "vitamin k 1".

Storage and transport

1. This product should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated, rain Department, away from fire or heat source. Put children can not reach, and locked. 
2. Do not with food, beverages, feed and other goods transported with the same storage. 
3. Used containers should be properly handled, he can not do, nor random loss. 



1 kg / aluminum foil bag 1Kg / aluminum bottle 


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