Cockroach gel bait

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Active ingredients

0.05% Fipronil

Serviceable range

<=30m(depend on cockroches density)

Product virulence

Nearly non-toxic

Use technology and methods:

Crop (or Scope) Preventive Target Drug Dosage           

Hygienic: 1 g/m2 bait for cockroaches           

Place or stick this product in the place where cockroaches often move. It is suitable for indoor places.


Squeezing 2-3 times per square meters for light codition;

Squeezing 4-5 times per square meters for serious codition.

The diameter of squeezing is 2-3mm(just like the size of green bean)


1.You’re able to see the dead cockroaches especially in their nests in few days.

2.80%—95% cockroaches will be killed in one week.And the rest paste bait can play a role for more than 1 month.

Prevention scope

Home,office,hotel,restaurant,store,station,cinema,farm and etc.






1.Wide usage:Be suitable for killing various cockroaches,such as Periplaneta fuliginosa ,Periplaneta americana ,Blattella germanica


2.Getting quick response:The cockroaches will be killed in only one hour after eatingsome paste bait.And the cockroaches’ bodies will be exposed in easy-cleaning places.


3.Chain function:The larvae cockroaches will eat adult cockroaches’ bodies(The cockroaches have the habbits of eating their mates’ bodies and faeces) ,then both larvae and adult cockroaches will be killed.


4.Ramain function for a long time:The paste bait designed by the habbits of cockroaches,which like to eat and have a high attraction.The cockroaches paste bait keeps superb efficacy and attraction even in 30 days.


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